Hunting along the Coasts:
The Archaeology, Ethnography and Ecology of Coastal Economies

University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 30 - 31 May 2004

This conference will draw together an international collection of ethnographers, archaeologists and ecologists with interests in human adaptations in coastal environments defined broadly. Our aim is to document the range of variability in coastal economies and the material and social consequences of engagement with coastal resources. We will explore the extent to which coastal economies can be seen as distinct from terrestrial economies by examining contemporary and past examples, and we will explore the differences between marine and freshwater coasts.

Conference Convenors:

David Anderson (University of Aberdeen) <>
Neil Curtis (University of Aberdeen) <>
Hugh McKenzie (University of Alberta) <>

For information about registration please contact Donatas Brandisauskas <>

Co-sponsored by:

Baikal Archaeology Project


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