Байкальский Археологический Проект

Workshop 2010 – Edmonton

Baikal Archaeology Project Workshops
"Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology of the Northern Pacific Rim"
9 am–6 pm, Friday, October 31–Saturday, November 1, 2008

Glacier Room, Lister Conference Centre, University of Alberta
(87th Avenue and 116th Street)

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Robert L. Bettinger, University of California, Davis: “The Evolution of Anarchy in Aboriginal Western North America”
Saturday: Dr. David Yesner, University of Alaska, Anchorage: “Hunter-gatherer Ecology and the Peopling of the Americas”

Presenters from Russia, Japan, UK, USA, and Canada

Click here to see the programme (PDF)

Click here to see the poster (PDF)

For additional information, please email: baikalarchaeology@ualberta.ca

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