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Baikal Archaeology Project

2010 Workshops – Roundtable Discussions

Wednesday, May 19 – Thursday, May 20, 2010

For more information about the workshop
(travel, accommodations, functions etc), please email baikalarchaeology@ualberta.ca


Given that this is our final opportunity to come together as a team, the Project Executive has come up with a new format for the Workshop that hopefully will facilitate more discussion and more cross-module collaboration.

Rather than asking members to prepare conference-style papers, we will instead be hosting two days of round table discussions. Each day will consist of two formal round tables on specific topics that have been identified earlier as the most useful from the perspective of integrating information and ideas from the five research modules. Each day will also conclude with a general discussion of topics arising from the round tables.

As can be seen from the schedule below, each Round Table has one or more Session Leaders from the BAP as well as an External Discussant from outside the Project. The exact format of each Round Table is up to the Session Leader(s) to decide; however, Session Leader(s) have been asked to post on this page a set of resources (e.g., preliminary readings, working papers, or questions, etc.) on their session and make them available to the entire BAP team by April 1, 2010. *We ask that ALL team members examine these documents carefully and prepare their own thoughts, data, etc., to bring to Edmonton. This format can only be successful if we all come prepared to contribute.*

In addition to the external discussants invited for each Round Table, the Project has also invited two more external scholars (John Ziker and Gerald Oetelaar) to serve as general discussants for the entire Workshop.

Preliminary Schedule

A preliminary schedule can be downloaded here:


Roundtable Resources

For more information about each round table discussions, please contact session leaders at their email addresses indicated below.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Session 1, Morning

Topic: Middle Holocene Climate, Landscape & Resources
Session Leaders: Dustin White (dustin.white@arch.ox.ac.uk), Andrew Bush (andrew.bush@ualberta.ca) and Andrzej Weber (aweber@ualberta.ca)
External Discussant: Dan Sandweiss

Roundtable Resources:

Losey et al 2008 JAS Fishing Baikal
Sandweiss 2003 PPP Terminal Pleistocene
Sandweiss et al 2004 QR Georchaeological evidence
Sandweiss et al 2007 CCCD Middle Holocene
Sandweiss et al 2009 PNAS Environmental change
Session 1 Abstract
Session 1 Outline
Weber & Bettinger nd JAA Middle Holocene H-G
White & Bush 2010

Session 2, Afternoon

Topic: Models of Landscape & Resource Use, Subsistence, Economy
Session Leader: Peter Jordan (peter.jordan@abdn.ac.uk)
External Discussant: Madonna Moss

Roundtable Resources:

Abstract - Models of Landscape
Burch 2005 - Alliance and Conflict readings
Fitzhugh and Habu 2002
Haakanson and Jordan - Landscape 2010
Jordan - Landscape 2010
Nagoaka 2002 - JAA
Smith et al 2003 - BE
Zvelebil and Jordan 1999 - hunter gatherer landscapes

Session 3, General Discussion

External Discussants: John Ziker and Gerald Oetelaar

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Session 4, Morning

Topic: Diet and Mobility
Session Leaders: Anne Katzenberg (katzenbe@ucalgary.ca) & Angela Lieverse (angela.lieverse@usask.ca
External Discussant: Peter Dawson

Roundtable Resources:

Katzenberg et al - Diet Reconstruction of Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers in the Lake Baikal Region
Stock et al - Skeletal Morphology, Climatic Adaptation, and Habitual Behavior among Mid-Holocene Cis-Baikal Populations
Havercort et al - Identifying Hunter-Gatherer Mobility Patterns Using Strontium Isotopes
Friesen - A Tale of Two Settlement Patterns
Ziker - Making a Living: Ecology and Economy
Lieverse et al - Upper Limb Musculoskeletal Stress Markers Among Middle Holocene Foragers of Siberia’s Cis-Baikal Region
Lovis et al - Long-distance logistical mobility as an organizing principle among northern hunter-gatherers: A Great Lakes middle Holocene settlement system

Session 5, Afternoon

Topic: Hunter-Gatherer Ritual/Mortuary Behaviours/Ideology
Session Leader: Rob Losey (robert.losey@ualberta.ca)
External Discussants: John Ziker and Gerald Oetelaar

Roundtable Resources:

Ritual and Rationality: Some Problems of Interpretation in European Archaeology
Littleton and Allen: Hunter-gatherer burials and the creation of persistent places in southeastern Australia
Losey - Bears and Bodies in the Heart of Siberia
Losey - Marmot Effects and Mortuary Ritual: Animal Remains in a 7‐8000 Year Old Hunter-Gatherer Cemetery, Lake Baikal, Siberia
Losey - Marmot Effects: A Mortuary Zooarchaeology of the Shamanka II Cemetery
McKenzie - Variability in Bronze Age Mortuary Practices in the Little Sea Microregion of Cis-Baikal

Session 6, General Discussion & Summary

External Discussants: John Ziker and Gerald Oetelaar

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