Байкальский Археологический Проект

Archaeological Fieldwork on Rebun Island, Japan 2011

Application Deadline: May 13, 2011.

Successful candidates will be notified by May 31, 2011. Others will be placed on a waiting list.

How to Apply
Applications should be by special form only and must be typed and emailed. We do not accept applications that have been printed and filled out by hand. All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt email from Tara Young, Project Computing Archaeologist. If you do not receive this confirmation email within three business days, please re-send, call, or email us using the contact information provided below.

Please Note: The fields in the PDF application form are editable. Use the tab key to navigate from one field to the next. Please use Acrobat Reader to type your entries directly into the form before printing. If you have any questions or difficulty, send an email to: taray@ualberta.ca

Application Forms

We recommend that you work on a saved copy of the application form. To save the file to your computer:

PC Users: Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As... " or "Save Link As..".
Macintosh users: Hold down Ctrl and click on the link, then choose "Download link to disk" from the menu.

Download PDF application form

Download .doc application form

Application deadline is May 13, 2011 and should be emailed to:


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