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With pleasure we present to the academic community the Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series, established specifically to deal with hunting and gathering peoples from arctic, boreal and sub-boreal regions. Published by the Canadian Circumpolar Institute Press in collaboration with the Baikal Archaeology Project the scope of Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series is interdisciplinary, providing a forum to connect scholars from a wide variety of research areas including archaeology, anthropology, biological and earth sciences, ecology, history, sociology and other social sciences.

The editors are committed to maintaining an international breadth and will translate to English both classic and significant contemporary foreign language studies. Publications will include site reports, monographs, ethnographies, conferences and workshops proceedings, and methodological studies.

The origin of the new series resides with the Baikal Archaeology Project and the support received through the Major Collaborative Research Initiative research grant program from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as well as the matching funds provided by the University of Alberta including the Canadian Circumpolar Institute. While the scholarly scope of the Baikal Archaeology Project clearly identified the need for a broad interdisciplinary forum for dissemination and stimulation of research on the north, the financial support received from the aforementioned institutions made this initiative possible.

Future volumes in progress include two site monographs describing the Cis-Baikal cemeteries of Khuzhir-Nuge XIV and Lokomotiv, as well as translations of two important Russian language ethnographic studies: The Ethnography of the Katanga Evenkis by Anna A. Sirina, and Evenkian Economy in the Taiga Area of Middle Siberia at the end of the 19th Century, Beginning of the 20th Century by Mikhail G. Turov. The editors of Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series also look forward to receiving future submissions by researchers with similar interests so that this series can live up to its mandate to promote innovative research and to discuss the challenges faced by peoples living in the north, both in the past and the present.

Andrzej. W. Weber
Hugh G. McKenzie

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