Baikal Archaeology Project

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Recommended Readings

This list provides a set of readings that should provide the reader with a general background for the project, as well as information on some of the current developments.

General Background

The background for the project is summarized in the first volume of the Northern Hunter-Gatherers: Research Series: Prehistoric Foragers Of The Cis-Baikal, Siberia: Proceedings From The First Conference Of The Baikal Archaeology Project, which is currently in press. You can examine the Table of Contents and read the Forward and Preface here.

In addition to the Northern Hunter-Gatherers: Research Series, BAP members have produced a number of other key publications.

Archaeological and Physical Anthropological Research

Bazaliiskiy, V.I. and N.A. Savelyev. 2003. The wolf of Baikal: the “Lokomotiv” early Neolithic cemetery in Siberia (Russia). Antiquity 77(295): 20-30.

Weber A.W. 1995 The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of the Lake Baikal Region, Siberia: A review of recent research. Journal of World Prehistory 76:183-188.

Weber, A.W. and D.W. Link. 2001. The Neolithic of Cis-Baikal: New results and research directions. Archaeology, Ethnography and Anthropology of Eurasia, 1(5): 135-146. [in English and Russian]

Weber, A.W., D.W. Link and M.A. Katzenberg. 2002. Hunter-gatherer culture change and continuity in the Middle Holocene Cis-Baikal, Siberia. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 21: 230-299.

Paleoenvironment Research

Bush, A.B.G., E.C. Little, D. Rokosh, D. White, and N.W. Rutter. In press. Climatic interpretation of Late Quaternary loess-paleosol sequences from across the Asian interior. Quaternary Science Reviews.

Bush, A.B.G. 2002. A comparison of simulated monsoon circulations and snow accumulation in Asia during the mid-Holocene and at the Last Glacial Maximum. Global and Planetary Change 32, 331-347.

Bush, A.B.G., D. Rokosh, N. Rutter, T.B. Moodie. 2002. Desert margins near the Chinese Loess Plateau during the mid-Holocene and at the Last Glacial Maximum: A model-data intercomparison. Global and Planetary Change 32, 361-374.

Bush, A.B.G. 2001. Simulating climates of the Last Glacial Maximum and of the mid-Holocene: Wind changes, atmosphere-ocean interactions, and the tropical thermocline. AGU Monograph Series 126 (The Oceans and Rapid Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future), 135-144.

Ethnographic Research

Anderson, D.G. and Nataliia A. Orekhova. 2002. The Suslov legacy: the story of one family’s struggle with shamanism. Sibirica 2(1): 88-113.

Anderson, D. and T. Argunova. In press. Esseiskie yakuty i ozoro kotoroe ikh kormit [The Yessei Yakuts and the Lake the Feeds Them]. In: Severnye Prostory [Northern Landscapes]. 7 pages.

Grøn, O., Kuznetsov, O., and Turov, M.G. In press. Cultural micro-mosaics – a problem for the archaeological culture concept? In, Proceedings of the NTAG Conference.

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