Baikal Archaeology Project

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

The Baikal Archaeology Project provides graduate student scholarships, as well as funding for fieldwork and laboratory analyses necessary to complete research projects.

Graduate Student Research Opportunities


We are interested in recruiting graduate students interested in the study of lithics.  In particular, we need individuals to study such topics as: 1) site structure and seasonality including use-wear analysis, intra- and intersite spatial distributions, and tool functionality; 2) curation patterns and technology; 3) raw material studies including sourcing, distribution, trade, and the movement of goods; and 4) typological studies including standardizing naming practices (predominantly Russian, North American, and European).

Archaeology of the North

University of Aberdeen's newly established Department of Archaeology offers fully funded PhD studentships in the Archaeology of the North to start in 2008-2009 academic year.

The department has a unique focus on the "Archaeology of the North", defined here as including Scotland and northern Britain, Scandinavia and northern Europe, the North Atlantic and the circumpolar region encompassing Siberia, the North Pacific and the high latitudes of North America. We are looking to recruit a new generation of research students who are willing to play an active role in the development and expansion of current research strengths within the department. Download Information Here

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